stupid 54 ford F-350 dually positive ground 6 volt distributor points syste

Discussion in 'Other Rides' started by R72K5, Jun 18, 2004.

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    if anyone can help on this subject here then please lemme know:

    the stupid ford is 6 vlt system all original and all original drivetrain with points setup and is damn positive ground setup,

    it wont make any spark to plugs at all, nothing with new points all even, and with wire run from neg post straight to + terminal on coil, i assume that with positive ground the + on coil has to recive the 6 volts negative right ?
    the neg test lead on engine metal and pos test lead on + coil terminal reads 6 volts,

    why am i not getting any secondary spark to plugs

    it is pissing me off,

    i hate fords even more now, grrrrrr..

    it is a 54 ford 1 ton dually dump truck with original old style v-8 in it and 4 speed manual, generator setup and all still intact, it spins over so damn slow i cant believe it will start up, but great uncle says its always done that and always starts til now,

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