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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by original balzer, Aug 19, 2005.

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    ok we all know flatter springs flex better. my question is why are sub frames such taboo? i realize most of the time you see one cobbled together with leftover scaffolding from the last concert in town. but i was wondering about a mild sub frame maybe 4" or so. that way i could get 8" of lift with 4" springs witch would ride better and flex better. i also realize it takes a welder who knows what he is doing to weld to a frame so it dont get brittle. is it only shunned because most of the time its dont haphazardly and unsafe?

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    Hard for most people to get it square I think it would add a lot of useless weight. Makes approach angles not so good. Might get in the way of other compononts when braced properly. Use longer springs like 4" lift 52s up front with an extended shackle for 8" lift and a good ride and then a shackle flip in the back with 4" lift springs and use zero rates to dial in the ride height. Anyway that is what I would do probably FYI I used 5.5" Dodge lift springs (rear of a 94 pickup 1/2 ton) put all my spring hangers down and got about 10" of lift and a really good ride

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