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    Hi ya!,

    I have an 86 GMC 2500 Suburban with the 454 big block, TH700R4. I've run into a bit of a snag upon installing some hedman elite headers with the transmission crossmember.

    The tranny crossmember has one pipe under and the other over the crossmember. Since this stinks, especially since one pipe is straight an the other is going to have to do a hard bend to clear the crossmember. The collectors exit about a foot away from the crossmember, so their is room for the bend, but I'm just not happy with it that way.

    Does anyone have or know of where to get a crossmember that will work with dual exhaust traveling under the crossmember (their is no ground clearance problem, so straight pipes are where I'm shooting for)?

    I found some burbs at the local bone yards with tranny crossmembers that looked almost exactly like the carrier crossmember only bolted in and bowed upward at the end of the exhaust to clear, which looks like they'd work. Problem is, the motors in those trucks where pulled and the weenees torched the crossmember instead of just unbolting'em.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks....have a good one!

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