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    After passing their individual versions of the Transportation Equity Act, which provides funding for the Recreational Trails Program (RTP), the House of Representatives and the Senate have begun conference committee meetings to create a final version of the bill.

    You can click the link below to see if your Member of Congress is on the conference committee.

    If you want more information on what the Recreational Trails Program does then click below.

    If your Member of Congress is on the committee, it is important to let your Representative and/or Senators know that you support funding for RTP.

    The House version includes $503 million over 6 years for the program, while the Senate version proposes $360 million over the same time period. If your Representative is on the committee, ARRA encourages you to write to your Representative and/or Senators to urge them to support the RTP program in the TEA-21 bill. Act NOW by clicking below!
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