Suspension lift replacment and body sway

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by, Oct 18, 2005.

    90' V2500 Suburban. 6" Superlift springs up front. 6" blocks in the rear. 56" stocks springs in back. I do not want to do a shackle flip at this point either. I've run 5100 Bilsteins and Rancho 9000s in the rear. Run the Bilsteins up front now.

    Anyway, the front is stiff as hell. Even without the sway bar up front its still stiff as hell. Will not flex, in fact it bounces when you hit a mild bump. Feels the same without the shocks on it too. Just way too damn stiff. And the shackles are NOT over tightened. However, the rear sways side to side bad enough to make me slow down on the freeway. Even with the Ranchos at their highest setting it will still sway enough to be unstable at times. So, I must run the sway bar at all times otherwise its downright scary on the freeway at times.

    So, I have decided to gut the suspension out from under it and replace the springs in hopes of making this boat ride better. Been looking at the Tuff County stuff, but I am not totally opposed to buying a custom built setup from Deaver, National, or other spring builder either. I want to soften the front and stiffen the rear so it rides the way it should. So, what would you guys recommend up front for a 6" spring for a V2500 with a 350 and not the big block? Would a 1/2 ton spring be better up there? What about for the rear? Is Tuff Country the answer?

    I do tow my 72' trail Bronco on a 10K trailer. It would be loaded at around 7000lbs, so a HD spring in the rear will be necessary and I do NOT want lift blocks or a shackle flip. But, I may install airbags to help level the ride when towing. I do not wheel this rig so suspension travel means nothing to me. In other words, ride quality is the key during everyday driving. Its needs to be stable too.

    Any advice?

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