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Swamp Thing... the plan is revived

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mountainexplorer, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. mountainexplorer

    mountainexplorer 1/2 ton status

    Nov 14, 2001
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    Spokane, Wa./Ione, Wa
    I talked with a couple more dependable friends, and we have formed the new and improved Swamp Thing plan.

    Swamp Thing 0.5 never did get finished as intended, so I'm ditching the original design and the super long frame idea.

    So Swamp Thing 1 will be a budget spare parts rig as follows:

    Frame: '76 Chevy longbed 1/2 ton frame with 4" front springs and a 4" rear shackle flip- cost- free (almost whole truck $120 and got the money back from parting it out)

    Body: 4-Door cab off an '84 Crew Cab, gut the dash and doors, make half doors, leave the windshield and back windows in. Cost- free (parted that one out too) Make a narrowed front nose using old fenders laying around, and use a big old truck GMC grill I saved from being thrown out from the radiator shop when I worked there.

    Axles: The death wobble Dana 60 from my crew cab, with 4.56 gears, open. A 14-bolt full-floater rear with welded 4.56's, disc brakes and a shaved housing. Cost- Rear axle components should all be free cause I have them and got it all for nothing or trade. Front end... not sure what value to attribute to it, since I took it out of the '83 K30 Diesel.

    Tranny and T-case: TH350 and NP208... the 208 cause it's not much weight and has the nice LOW range. When it explodes it's easy to swap out too. I'm doing some parts trading for this.

    Tires and wheels: 44" Swampers with low tread. Cost- free (bought the 44's and rims for $100 and sold the 6-lug rims for $100). 15x12 or 15x14 8-lug rims still needed.

    Motor: This will be the biggest expense. It will be a 350 with flattops and closed chamber camel hump heads (60cc), and I'm thinking about running a Comp "Puller and Mud Race" cam... 300/314 duration, .562/.557 valve lift, 3500-7200 rpm. Motor will be balanced. Double roller timing chain... figure a gear drive robs a little power and you can't hear the whine over open headers anyway. Heads will be ported and polished. We'll be running a single carb Weiand tunnel ram I got on trade. Stall converter. Homemade snorkle with two fresh air inlets and a 3rd inlet piped in from the firewall with the heater blower motor giving an air induction effect (we figure, hey, why not try it). Modified headers that will stick up like zoomie headers.

    Rear mounted radiator with electric fan, driveline hoops, and maybe we'll tack on some bedside sheetmetal to make it still look like a truck from the sides.
    The goal is to have a rig to go to mud bogs with that has a motor that spins really high rpms, makes alot of noise, and can keep all tires spinning even when it gets thick. It won't be the lightest, or heaviest. For mud bogs, we'll run the 44's. For mud races, we'll run 39.5" Boggers in the rear and Ground Hawgs up front. For the Moses Lake team mud bog competition we'll put a removable winch up front or back. For the Moyie Mud Bog we'll add big steel bumpers with spikes that have lettering for the drunk people to read "Hit This Please". On the back window we'll list a tally of all the money invested in it.

    I'm hoping we all actually do put it together and it does decent, and I'll also hope that if it does well, the guys with like 10 grand in their motors will see our budget list of what we have into the whole thing.
  2. stockk5

    stockk5 1/2 ton status

    Apr 13, 2004
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    Cromwell, CT
    oh man u have so many crazy projects it sounds awesome.
  3. 78Suburban

    78Suburban 1/2 ton status

    Jul 4, 2005
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    That's awsome :bow: I hear ya about those guys with 10k motors, there are alot of those guys around here at the mud bogs and mud drags. I hope ya can show em how its done with a truck on a budget :bow:
  4. OffRoad

    OffRoad 1/2 ton status

    Dec 8, 2002
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    New Brunswick, Canada
    1. that's an awesome idea
    2. you know a lot about old chevy trucks so this shouldn't be beyond your abilities
    3. this will be awesome when you're done
    4. buy lots of earplugs


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