swapped my holley for an edelbrock and wow!!!! runs waaaay better!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 01maroonz71, Feb 9, 2007.

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    well, i did it, i swapped the ole 750 holley for a 600 edelbrock and now it idles waaaay wayy better and seems to run much much better

    i only have two questions for ya'll...if anyone has done this..

    the throttle cable (i bought a mr. gasket bracket from discount auto parts)
    well, it seems the this bracket, when mounted to the rear stud on the carb puts the cable mount too close/or maybe too far away from the carb and i lost the first 1/3 of pedal travel and lost full throttle i do believe. also, the return spring had to be stretched WAAAAY out to reach the bracket and now the throttle is stiffer than it was

    anybody know what bracket/brackets would work best with a 1406 edeclbrock with stock throttle cable????? im off to the junk yard tomm to see if a stocker would work well

    also, the a/c compressor had an electric thing that bumped up the throttle when the a/c turned on...is this necessary??? i had to loose it when i swapped carbs as it was attached to the holley carb.

    thanks guys for all your help with this, it definately cured my dielseling,running rich, and bad idle problems, and ill tell you tomm. morning if it cured my cold start problems also.

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