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    First time pulling a T-case apart(208), was just going to reseal it but as usuall something went wrong. Next thing I know two sets of needle bearings have just popped off the main shaft and spread through the case. Cleaned them all up and got all of them accounted for but this leads to my question. There are two sets of the bearings and a ring that fit on this section of the shaft, but where does the ring go in the sequence? in between the bearing or to the output side are the options, I believe. Thanks for any help and "Now I know better:wink1: "
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    If I remember right, there is more than one of those rings that keep the bearings in place. Here's a diagram:
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    Thanks, exactly what I needed. Also the magnet was quite brittle as it shattered when it fell of the bench. Looked at drivetrain.com but couldn't find a replacement. would this still be available from the dealer or what are my other/better options.
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