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    I'm selling my Auto Meter Sport Comp 2 5/8" tachometer, #3708. 0-8000 RPM. It was purchased from Summit Racing on 2/9/05 for $79.88, and has been in its box until I installed it on Sat 3/5/05. I removed it from my truck two days later on Mon 3/7/05. I'm selling it because it goes to 8k and I don't need that high, as I barely get past 3k. So I'll use the money towards getting either #2890 (0-4000 RPM) or #2697 (0-5000 RPM).

    The tach's in excellent condition and hardly used. I'm asking $65 + shipping, if applicable. I don't have the original box but I do have all the hardware which includes the pedestal mount w/ bolts, screws, red & green bulb covers, a rubber grommet, and the instructions. I also have the UPC that I cut from the box and the stickers that came with it.

    Autometer Info

    Summit Info

    Sorry, I don’t have my own pics because my cam’s on loan overseas right now.


    P.S. After posting I tested the links above and noticed that Summit's price has gone up $2 to $81.88.


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