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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 1-tonmudder, Mar 15, 2006.

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    I am building a 84 CUCV and the rear window is gone,and the regulator is junk.So here is my question's

    I have an 85 Sub with a good gate and power reg but on glass.Will it work in the blazer

    If not can I put the power regulator from the sub in the blazer gate.

    If neither of those will work does anybody make a replacement manual reg for the blazer.

    Are the glasses from the power and manual regulators different.

    Where can I get some rear hardware,latch,rods,handle

    Lastly I have a good glass from a 79 Blazer will it work in the gate from the CUCV or Sub.
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    I know that sheetmetal for the Burbs is different from the Blazers. I don't know about the glass, but I doubt somehow it would be the same. Well, looking, LMC lists different numbers.

    You can get regulators from LMC as well. For $150, though, I'd go junkyard hopping. :deal:

    LMC lists different numbers for Burb and Blazer, so I think you're screwed for crossover there as well, sorry.

    I assume you mean an M1009 CUCV, and in most regards they are a regular Blazer, so yes, the '79 glass should fit the CUCV. LMC lists one for 73-80, must be OE, and then a tinted one for 73-91, must be aftermarket. :confused:

    They have everything you might want for the tailgate, but it ain't gonna be cheap. Again, I'd go junkyard hopping or try the for-sale forums here. I have a reasonable condition CUCV tailgate with power stuff here, but it's in CA and shipping it would be stupid :)

    -- A

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