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    :confused: hey guys i am going to be ordering the tailpan (part #38-7984) from lmc for my 89 jimmy this week sometime.

    i was wondering if that part is the actual support for the tailgate or is it just a cover and i have to fab up some sort of support? also do i need to buy the tailgate posts to get it to fit correctly (they are ****ty anyways)?

    i seen in the tech section this guy replaced his tailpan but put 2"x3" piece of sq. tube in first. do i need to do this?

    i searched ALL the previous posts on the subject but couldnt find my answer. makes me feel like its a dumb question but id rather ask a dumb question than waste $300 on some parts i dont need.:confused:
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    The tailpan is the whole deal as far as the tailgate goes. There are slots in the back and haevier plate that the TG hinge bolts to.

    If your posts are junk I'd definitely get new posts too...it'll make the job that much easier. I just did my tailpan in the summer, mine was bent beyond help from getting rear ended (and I finished it off wheeling in Moab without my tailgate)

    The biggest pain for me was where the tailpan attached to the posts...someone had done the repair before and got carried away with the welding in some very inaccessible areas. I had to use an air chisel to deal with those areas.

    Other than that, getting the body high enough to get the old out and the new in was no fun either...


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