Taking advantage of the "no question asked warranty" for 4wp

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by camarossguy2, Sep 8, 2006.

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    I had a horrible 78 day long ordeal with 4wheelparts trying to get a set of rim and tires for my truck. All 78 days i couldn't drive my truck. i posted about this a while ago, but anyway its done finally and i will never buy from them again. period.

    BUT i did get a no questions asked warranty from them for free out of the deal. hardly worth the troubles.
    Well, after driving from FL to NM my tread right around the 50% area and i want to use this warranty to get some new tires since i still believe i got the way short end of the stick.

    For those who have used it, how'd it go? do they HAVE to install it? i assume they will charge you for mount an balance even though they didn't do it before(again, goes back to previous story with them)
    What other fees are invloved? i read in my search they they charge you the tax or FET charge...true?
    They pretty anal on the 50% tread thing?
    No questions? I wonder if they will cover them if i come in with 4 slashed tires lol. some how i think they might weasel their way out.

    Basically, i dont wanna go in there with a bad tire and not get another one under warrantee. Any other buisness i would have no doubt it would be takin care of, but with 4wp i am very worried.

    Thanks guys

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