TBI Pro's....Quick question about the ECM

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by yeild2me, Jan 22, 2005.

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    OK.....Putting the new engine in and when I hooked up my new Optima, I accidently hooked it up wrong...(the stupid plastic piece for shipping was still on it and I didnt get the polarity right):crazy: ,

    ANYWAY......I kept popping the ecmb fuse, so I switched out the ecm with one from my 89 s-10 4.3 v6 2wd and the fuse didnt pop and the fuel pump came on. Now that I have narrowed it down that the ECM is fried, what do I need to do to run this 1989 ECM?? I think from past researching that the computer it self is the same, but the chips need to be swapped. And what about that other smaller electrical box that is mounted to the ECM? Is it universal, or will I have to swap it out to??

    Thanks guys!!!

    Oh YEah.....The new truck is a 1991 S-15 4door 4x4 Jimmy with the 4.3 TBI Z-motor

    old truck is a 1989 S-15 ext cab 2x4 with the 4.3
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    Describe the smaller electrical box on the one vehicle.

    If the ECM's are the same, then the old PROM will go right in. Problem being of course, that the PROM you have might be shot.

    I'm not sure if they advertise chip burning on thirdgen.org's website in the classifieds, but in any case, if you HAD to have a PROM burned, you might get lucky and someone has already "downloaded" the .bin, and it would simply be a matter of burning that .bin to a PROM and sending it to you. Stock vehicles make that part pretty easy, there is no programming, or trial and error process.

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