Tellico Winter closings (from another site)

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    I copied this from another site, just thought it might be of intrest to us here as well. Thanks

    Tellico winter closures
    This is a message forwarded by SFWDA Pres. Jay Bird:
    -----Original Message-----
    From: Bill Champion
    Sent: Thursday, February 15, 2007 11:52 AM
    To: ;
    Subject: Tellico Closure Order
    Just to keep you informed - the new order for Tellico has been signed by
    the Forest Supervisor, effective January 30, 2007.
    We will be implementing the seasonal trail closures on Lower Trail 2,
    7, Trail 9, and Trail 10 as soon as possible. We will also be
    the camping restriction signs along Trails 1 & 5 as soon as possible.
    This work will probably begin next week, weather permitting.
    The new order prohibits the following acts:
    1. Camping in the Allen Gap and State Line trailhead parking areas -
    yes this does include staying inside a totally enclosed RV parked
    2. Roadside camping on Trail # 1 and Trail # 5, except in those areas
    designated by posted sign.
    3. Possession or use of a motorized vehicle on the lower section of
    2, or on Trails 7,9, and 10 from January 1 through March 31 on an annual
    If you could get this information out on your web site I would
    it and also notify your membership so we can begin spreading the word
    If you have any questions etc. please feel free to call me anytime.
    Bill Champion
    Supervisory Forester
    Tusquitee Ranger District
    Phone: 828-837-5152 ext. 109
    Fax: 828-837-8510
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    [​IMG] Today, 12:00 AM #2
    Tellico Closures
    Lower 2 was closed today 2-18-07. Remember there will still be many trails open. Lots of snow today, Chuck and our guest had a blast. Then challenged our rock crawl at the end of the day. Keep coming to Tellico, it lets them know we want it open! Helen Tellico Cabins [​IMG]


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