Testing the waters...6 35" MTR's...10B and 12B

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by K5 NUTT, Jun 19, 2004.

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    Testing the waters...6 35\" MTR\'s...10B and 12B

    Finally getting around to the 3/4 swap in my 79....bought a K5 in denver last year via ebay for a dollar (disclaimer: Grimmy still holds the official Dollar title...lol.) Has the axles set up with 4.56 gears...makin a deal for arb and moly shafts for the 10b...so i need to see if anyone is interested in my half ton stuff.

    Tires....4 brand new siped 35" MTR's....driven from Grand Junction Co. to Moab...and then back...hasn't moved much since...plus 2 mounted like spares at about 35 percent tread life...wheels are also new since i tangled with 21 road and lost...standard cheapo black spokes painted deset tan to match the truck....$800

    Front ten bolt with auburn limited slip...LS is about 4 years old and is the Pro series with 4.10 gears...new brakes with slotted rotors...ball joints replaced last summer before blazer bash....

    Rear 12 bolt...brakes are two weeks old...new drums and shoes...4.10 gears....diff guard by toys by troys...detroit locker....2 year old GM axle shafts and bearings....$800 for the pair.

    Prefer new owner to be somewhat local...will not part out.
    Not in any hurry to do anything as i need to get the parts for the crossover and new lockers for the new axles...and of course the big swap.

    DW....the former azblazer.
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    Re: Testing the waters...6 35\" MTR\'s...10B and 12B

    I would definitely be interested in the 10b and 12b later this year. What your offering exactly describes what I want for axles.

    My sister and brother-in-law live in Cliffton.

    I just finished a motor rebuild so I need to restore the coffers. How soon were you looking at unloading them?

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