Testing the waters, time to sell a truggy?

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by BadDog, Jun 9, 2004.

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    Most of you know my truggy, and that I'm seriously considering starting over. It just won’t hold up to what I want to do, or fit where I want to go. Now I have to figure out exactly what I'm going to do. At first I thought I would strip the complete drive train, seats, and most of my goodies, selling the cage, frame and suspension to someone who can then install their own drive train from a trashed K5, K10, whatever... Then I started thinking about rear steer and Mog axles... So I'm "testing the waters" to see what interest there may be. Sell the minimal chassis and keep all my goodies, or sell it more intact and buy new axles, etc. This is no "deal offered" so please don't get mad if I decide not to sell in one or another configuration list. All I really want to know is, if you would be interested. I’ll try to be as complete and honest as I can in the descriptions. Pics are on my web page from my profile. For the most recent stuff, see the later trail rides.

    Also note, at this point I have no intention of parting out, though that may change since I know I would come out better that way. Please do not start posting up with “First in line for the axles” or what not. I will not be watching or keeping up with that unless or until I make a “parts for sale” post.

    Option 1:
    Would anyone be interested in basically what's left of my K30 frame, the roll cage, cross members, skid, and suspension.
    <ul type="square">[*] Sized with seating for 4 (but no seats go, I'll be using them).
    [*]Already set up for cross over with a custom under engine cross member for clearing a straight drag link.
    [*] Front Suspension: Springs moved forward ~2.5" and rear shackle mount moved forward with a nice spring angle. 3/8" custom 7.5 C/L shackles. BDS 4" lift springs with custom BDS main leaf 2" longer than stock (have original leaf too).
    Home-made 2" offset plates move the axle forward on the springs 2" and are long enough to stabilize the original hole.
    [*] Rear Suspension: Reversed 57" F150 springs and a Springer/AK57 type swing arm. Montero radius arm set up as anti-wrap bar. I've bent several of these springs and the waterfalls I like to climb make me bend these very quickly when heavy on the throttle. If you like to climb the hard core stuff like I do, this will need to be addressed. Passenger side main leaf is currently bent. Driver's is fine with 1 trip on it...
    [*] Mounts set up for Rancho 5012, 9012 or similar all around. Suspension can almost max them all out and they are set on angle to increase effective travel. 5012s control the body roll and suspension very nicely as it sets.
    [*] Wheel base is around 113" currently.
    [*] Small K5 tank (25 gallon IIRC?)
    [*] Front receiver hitch and cross member/bumper used for mounting my winch and recovery point.
    [*] Body (such as it is): Skinned hood mounted with pins and using the stock hinges at the cowl. (Mostly) Stock cowl, firewall, and windshield. Rear floors can be easily removed for access to tank. Trans tunnel removes with 4 screws. Floors are Herculined. Mounts front and rear for 4 pt harnesses. Rear seats are on an adjustable mount that can be removed for more storage. Lots of tied down points and roll bar “bed rails” for rear storage. Close to 90* approach and departure angles. Also has bolt down mounts for high-lift.
    [*] Cage: 1.75 x 0.120 HREW 1010 designed and built by me. It has some character marks but is still very serviceable. It's been over several times with no distortion or significant damage. Mostly just abrasion. Entire cage/body can be stripped to the frame in about 1 hour with air tools and grunt labor help. Biggest slow down is disconnecting hoses, lines, wires, etc... I had it off not long ago for easy repainting the cage. "Rock sliders" are 2" square quarter wall and take a beating with not damage. Sub frame is 2x3x0.188 and the cage ties in here forming a "safety pod" for occupants. This assembly mounts to the frame with stock rubber mounts. It can be removed as a unit, or in pieces for lighter weight.
    [*] Full width skid from under back of trans to rear of 205 with a doubler.
    [*] Clears 42" tires with ease with fully crossed articulation. Drivers front tire will "caress" the steering box when stuffed and turned right, but not a problem.
    [*] Setup to run a stock K5 (etc.) radiator and steering box, etc. Also has CB antenna mount in center top of cage.
    [*] Unique folding side mirrors mounted to swing completely inside to keep them out of harms way.
    [*] Removed: Complete drive train, radiator and coolers, electrical system, steering complete, seats, gauges, etc.

    I expect this will price at around $1000 after taking everything that I plan to reuse.

    Option 2:
    All the above, but leave the axles and steering in place. Basically a rolling chassis. I would then replace these with Mogs and full hydro, so the stuff I don’t need could stay on the truck… If it goes as a unit, I’ll be looking for reasonable prices on the axles compared to what I can get with them separate. Just considering this because I thought someone might like a more complete truggy.
    <ul type="square">[*] Front axle: GM Dana 60. Almost new 35 spline inners and outers. Life series spicer joints. Warn 35 spline drive flanges, Relatively new Detroit, 4.56 gears, new seals and (relatively) new bearings and kingpin kits. Cross over steering. Straight 1.5 x 0.250 DOM drag link. 1.75 x 0.375 DOM tie rod. Plated diff cover. Ground calipers to fit 15” steel wheels.
    [*] Rear Axle: Corp 14 FF. Stock axles and drum brakes with functional E-Brake. Anti-wrap mounted. Detroit locker and 4.56 gears.
    [*] Grooved 42” TSLs on 15” steels. Well used and “chunked” but still lots of life left in them. Estimate better than 50% tread remains. No bad gashes or anything I worry about.
    [*] Complete 2” “Redneck Ram” system. 2” Ram. Tapped and fully rebuilt box.
    [*] Hydro-boost brakes complete with pump modified for high flow. Note: The ram and brakes could really use more flow at low RPMs and I was planning to upgrade the stock pump with one from Station on PBB that flows about twice as much as the stock Sagi.
    [*] Stock tilt steering column.

    That’s all I can think of now.

    So, would anyone be interested in either of these options? Especially local people who can pick it up. I will not arrange shipping and I hate fooling with that, so anyone not local would be totally responsible for any shipping arrangements. If it looks like it might sell in one or the other of these options, I’ll work out a prices and see if it matches interest levels. If there is little interest, I’ll figure out which way I want to go and part out what I don’t want to re-use… I really don’t expect a huge response, but several people seemed to think I should try and sell it semi-whole before tearing it apart…
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    i may be intrested in Option 2 mainly for the axles and steering. i would have to talk to my dad about it.

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    Dibs on the 42's

    Sorry, I came upon this in a search on 9012's, and I couldn't resist being a smart ass :bow: :p:
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    Heya...I sold that Dodge you were looking at for your son. Bought wifey a nice '98 4runner. Now I need to save up some cash to buy/build a wheeler. Consider me interested. :D

    What are you looking at for $ as complete as possible? Streetable?

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