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    Guys and Gals recently transformed Big Red (1984 CUCV) into Barney (1989 K5)and during the swap I had the Transmission rebuilt by the local foriegn tranny pro, beggers can't be choosers in Korea and I am a fish waiting for a line. Well any way the transmission was completed prior to my rebuild so the tranny sat about a month before install in a gargae covered until I was ready for it. Transmission is in bolted to my 350 SBC via a Brand New B&M 3000 Holeshot Torque Converter. Well minus a few minor set backs, fuel and timing truck is running great, Now here is the but Transmission won't shift out of 1st gear. I have PRN1 but will not go automatically or manually into 2nd or 3rd. Things I have checked, Engine Vacume at carburator, Replaced the vacume modulator, purchased a hughes valve body from summit racing, On that does anyone out there have a descent picture for the check ball placement picture that came with instructions is kind of dark with three lines disappearing into the darkness. If this doesn't work whats next, a new torque converter which will replace this new one. :doah:
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    the convortor has nothing to do with your problem . all it does is turn power into fluid movement and than back to power /movement on the output side to the pump internals and input shafts. if it does move in forward and reverse its fine.

    sounds like you are on the correct track with the valve body area.

    where thay familer with that style tranny?

    and if so how were thay in getting parts and remaning it in general?
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    There is a book that is gauranteed to put you in the know. ISBN 0-87938-267-8 by Ron Sessions. If you run into problems getting it, let me know.:D
    I'd also ping on Hughes for the bad Xerox. Do they have their instructions at their site?
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    Great suggestion on getting with Hughes but I haven't found a link to their website yet and Summit is working the issue. Thanks though, I'll check at the base library for the book suggestion tomorrow.

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