The Budget Suburban gets torn apart...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mountainexplorer, Mar 4, 2007.

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    Well, when it ran last, nothing was really wrong with it. But the need for money made me part it out, and later this spring it'll go back together again.

    It was kinda sad though... backed it in one night after work, and less than 12 hours later it sat like this, and within 48 hours also had no motor or steering column.

    The investment score thus far [- indicates money spent; + indicates money returned]

    1980 GMC ½ ton 4x4 Suburban -$350 Purchase price
    +45 Tailgate
    +80 rims and tires
    +35 Running Boards
    +180 ½ ton axles (swapped out for 4.88 ratio 3/4 ton axles I had out of a K5)
    +5 Spare Rally wheel
    +25 Front bumper
    +450 TH350/NP205
    +50 Steering Column
    +520 profit [Kept Body, frame, 350 motor]

    350 Motor out of it goes to '78 2wd crew cab so I can keep the 454 out of the crew cab before I re-sell it. The 454 I traded for a Dana 60.

    402 motor will go into the Suburban- 402 came out of a $250 motorhome that I re-sold the rims and tires off of for $300, so I made $50 and kept the 402 big block for free.

    TH400/205 will come out of my '83 Crew Cab, which will get a 465/205 instead, and the Suburban will get the 400/205.

    Dana 60 front will go under the Suburban once I get 4.88 gears for it.

    Straight non-tilt steering column will go back into it since I sold the tilt.

    The object of this project is for it to have all the good stuff as an off-road and mud bogger and keep the cash investment somewhere in the 0-$250 range.
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