Thinking of buying 85 6.2L Suburban w/52K miles- ???'s

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Kayadad, Dec 19, 2005.

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    I am going to look at this suburban tomorrow, well today actually, and want to know if I should expect any problems on a diesel truck that is 20 years old but really low miles? Here is the link

    I will check for blow-by through the oil cap and remove the radiator cap and check for small bubbles on start up (Recommendations from thread). I will also check out the frame around the steering.

    Anything else?

    If everything is cool, I am going to make an offer. How much would be paying too much?

  2. ARAMP1

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    Just because it's low miles, doesn't mean it's all good. I'm not saying it's bad either. Low miles certainly doesn't hurt. I bought a 90 V3500 with only 60K on the clock (454 though, not diesel) and i've replaced many gaskets, belts and common wear items. There were also a lot of vacuum leaks that contributed to rough running.

    I may be wrong on this, but I didn't think that an overdrive trans was avaliable in 85. I'm no expert. Maybe someone will chime in here that knows. Could be swapped in. Also, you may want to get a carfax report just to make sure it really is only 52K miles and not 152K. Just because. Overall it sounds like a sweet ride. I'd like to see some pics.

    My two cents.

    BTW, welcome to the forum. :)
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    pretty sure 700r4 was there in 85, not 100% tho. price does seems a little high. maybe no more than 4,000 if nothing is wrong and everything works and you're in love with it.
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    The real issue on a Suburban body is rust. Everything else is easy to fix. Look for rust around glass and at the A piller welds. On a 6.2 diesel with that few miles and that many years, I would wonder if oil and coolant changes were regular. Only 3,00 miles per year? Where has this thing been. Parts on a diesel are about half again more expensive than on a 350 or 454 gas motor. I wouldn't pay over 5 grand for it unless they threw in an engine and drive train warranty.
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    The truck honestly looked like it had 52K miles X 5. I did not even start it. It was thrashed, it looked like a farm truck.

    I did go look at a '89 3/4 ton 6.2L. It was clean and ran great. Had a brand new engine put in 80K miles ago. Tranny rebuild was 23K ago. Plus a whole lot more, with all recipts for the last 9 years. I think I will put an offer on it. I checked for blow-by and if the coolent system seemed pressurized on start-up. Everything looked great. They have dropped their asking price from $6500 down to $5000. I planning on offering $4500-4000.


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