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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by colbystephens, Dec 9, 2006.

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    started by finishing a project i started last nite, which was to replace all the ujoints in my front driveshaft.

    then i redid the gaskets the hubs for my 14bff.

    then i decided i was going to install a reverse light on a switch, and i was going to install it by bolting it to my bumper. well, then i decided i needed to first remove my trailer hitch, as it was a freaking ANCHOR - reduced clearance under my truck by probably 3 inches or more. i started by getting a couple of the easy bolts. then, i found that the PO had taken these long ass bolts which had this enormous round head w/ a tiny torx in the middle. he had also conveniently placed them in the worst place ever for access - i don't know how in the hell he got those suckers in there in the first place. after a ton of work, i got one of them out. then, to get the other one which was rusted and stripped, i had to make a 2-3 ft 3/8 extension. then i pounded a torx bit in that was too big. i put the wrachet on w/ a breaker bar and started pulling as hard as i could. then, CRACK, it broke free, and i punched myself in the face with the breaker bar. right square on my nose - my whole face went numb and i couldn't see for all the water in my eyes. my wife was there and i'm screaming at her, "I broke my f*cking nose!" it hurt like hell! went inside and stood over the sink with a paper towel under my nose. i figured it would gush, but it was just this slimy sh*t. sick. turns out i didn't break my nose. :D

    my wife dyed our vinyl/carpet/plastic stock door panels black. i'm in the process of changing the interior over to black from that deep red color. she did a pretty damn good job, considering that doing anything to increase the cosmetic appeal of my rig is like polishing a turd.

    while she did that, i finished getting my bumper off... oops! the PO bolted AND spot welded my hitch to the frame! bastard. so i called up chopped&bobbed77burb and went over to his place where we pulled out the grinder/sawzall and cut that bastard off of there. then i decided to try my hand at some body work, and cut some of my rear quarter panels off, behind the tires. i'll post pics of my rig wheelin tomorrow. :D

    brought my rig home, installed my bumper. cleaned my crazy messy garage (been doing too much stuff this week, couldn't kep it clean). installed my front driveshaft, checked fluids and called it a day... finally. :o
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    Sounds like a productive day, & you didn't even draw much blood or actually brake your nose so it could have been alot worse. :laugh:


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