Time for some gears to get installed, 14bff gear install questions

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jjlaughner, Sep 1, 2004.

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    OK, got my 14bff cleaned up and painted, cover is made.

    The carrier has good bearings on it, the pinion housing has a bearing in it and its clean, spins good, and there is the front/top pinion bearing in the housing thats seems ok. So I need the bearing that goes on the pinion itself and a crush sleeve. So what are some tips to make the bearing install easier and doable without a press? Something about freezing the pinion and heating the pinion bearing then they slide together? What about the crush sleeve and tightening down the yoke? Should I go ahead and buy a full install kit and try repalcing the bearings or use the ones that where in it? When I pulled the axle apart it had newer 4.10's in it and all the parts look good (possibly has had a full install kit used when the 4.10's went on /forums/images/graemlins/thinking.gif). I also need marking compound for two sets of gear installs.

    I need torque specs for the ring gear bolts and is there a preload for the pinion?

    I've got these to install /forums/images/graemlins/waytogo.gif

    front and rear 5.13's (10bolt.14bff), front and rear 4.56's (10bolts) to install

    and yes I have the 14b bible from pirate

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    I wouldn't get an install kit if all those bearings are good. You lost me on the pinion bearings there are 3 1 in the axle housing little one that the tip of the pinion sets in which you said was good. The other two are on the pinion you'll prolly need to buy those two only and a new crush sleve yes.

    14B specs

    Gear backlash preferred: between .005" to .008". (minimum and maximum - between .003" to .012")
    Pinion bearing pre-load: new bearings - 25 to 35 in. lbs. , used bearings - 5 to 15 in. lbs.

    Carrier cover: 30 ft. lbs.
    Ring gear: 120 ft. lbs.
    Differential bearing caps: 135 ft. lbs.
    Filler plug: 18 ft. lbs.
    Drive pinion nut: torque as necessary to obtain correct pre-load.
    Differential bearing adjusting lock: 20 ft. lbs.
    Pinion bearing cage to carrier: 65 ft. lbs.
    Brake backing plate: 105 ft. lbs.
    Axle shaft to hub bolts: 115 ft. lbs.

    Pinion preload is checks without the carrier BTW /forums/images/graemlins/waytogo.gif

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