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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Cornfield creations, Nov 24, 2006.

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    I am still working on my 327. Finally got the carb. to quit dumping raw gas in the engine. Now it still runs slightly rough. I checked the plugs, they look alright. I also checked the timing, and the distributor look s good with #1 at TDC and the mark on the balancer is exactly on zero. I go to time it with the vacuum advance off, and the timing light flashes but there in no mark to be seen on the balancer.

    What would be the first thing to look at? Everything is like new, and the wires are right on the distributor.
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    Try advancing the timing with the vac advance hooked up to about 20 BTDC. adjust the idle to 650, then disconnect the vac advance, and check for the timing mark now. Make sure the idle doesn't go above 650 while your setting your timing.
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    time to troubleshoot!

    First off,your sure your timing light is hooked to the #1 cylinder plug wire,right??...and the timing light ,if it has a built in advance check knob,be sure its set to zero!..and your absolutely sure the harmonic balancer has not slipped on its rubber ring (timing mark corresponds with TDC when you position the #1 piston at TDC?)...if so,I would just set the timing by using a vacuum gauge,or "by ear",and ignore the balancer mark..maybe its not the right one for the engine,or the timing cover has been changed,etc..

    To set timing by ear,just advance it more and more until you just can hear a slight pinging under mid throttle acceleration..if it gets louder after being driven for several miles,back it off a bit at a time until you can just barely detect a ping...or use a vacuum gauge--unplug the vacuum advance hose and plug it,hook up the gauge,advance timing at idle until you reach the maximum vaccum reading,then retard it until it drops 1 inch on the gauge..retard it slightly more if it pings under load when driving...also see if it cranks hard on a hot start--might need to retard it some more if that occours..:crazy:

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