took my truck on the free way for the first time.........

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by down4thakrown, Sep 16, 2005.

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    and let me tell u what. i dunno bout that tcase. it was making a pretty bad grinding noize. i mean it sounded like some one tryin to shift gears in a manuel but grinding them instead. i hope thast just a little bit of play in gears and its no big deal :rolleyes: . and i noticed some times my oil pressure changes. like when i have it in gear somtimes its at 50psi, then sometimes its at liek 35 and other times its at 25. and this is while its in gear. but it changes almost every time i drive it. :confused:
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    The tcase sounds like maybe you didn't have it fully disegaged out of four wheel drive and something is just slightly catching and making that noise. It happened to me once, but I was on regular roads. I was hearing a slight grinding noice and almost like a pop when I slowed down. I pulled over, made sure the tcase was all the way in 2WD then put in reverse to make sure everything was free. After that it didn't do it again.

    As for the oil pressure I don't really think thats a huge concern on the freeway at high speeds. My truck usualy idles at around 30-40 and will jump up to 60 or so when I give it some gas. However when I go on the highway and get up to about 55 and just cruise my psi goes down to around 20-30. So thats nothing out of the ordinary to worry about.

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