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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by guitaric137, Apr 23, 2007.

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    anybody have any advice on choosing a torque converter for my application. i have a 72 blazer 4wd cst that i'm about to put a crate 383 engine in with 425 hp, and 450 torque. currently still running with th350 transmission. trying to get a 4 speed auto trans some day, but i need something for the time being, maybe something that can be used on both? help out if you can or point me in the correnct direction. thanks!
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    You won't be able to use the same converter on both, at least not easily. Any modern GM 4 speed auto trans will have TCC, the input shaft/converters are different. Only catch to that statement is that the TH350C uses TCC, but they are fairly uncommon.

    I would suggest talking to some of the converter manufacturers, but somewhat depends on what you do with the truck. Assuming your newer engine is more powerful than your last, it would probably be best to try your current setup and see how you like it.

    A converter "stalls" at a higher RPM the more power you put into it.

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