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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by 85 Jimmy, Apr 29, 2006.

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    Dec 31, 2005
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    ok so i can't find a speed density unit for the right price so i'm going to get a MAF

    to covert from MAF to MAP the only thing i need to do is get the painless harness for speed density and a computer like the 1227730, right??? (and a MAP sensor of course)

    also i'm getting a crate motor to put this on, so what year TPI will bolt up to those heads? also will the stock cam in the crate be ok with the TPI computer?
  2. Ryan B.

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    yes, to convert to speed density, get a 730 computer, a map sensor, and the harness to match... some guys try to run 305 injectors on a 350 or 383 but i'd reccomend 350 injectors and chip.
    stock cam should be fine.
    There is an 86 "early style" manifold which will bolt onto all the old sbc heads. then theres the 87 up manifold in which the center 4 manifold bolts are drilled at a steeper angle.. with some modification i think you can run either manifold on either head, but its easiest to get the matching manifold for your heads.

    I did a whole tpi write up in the advanced previews tech forum. :thumb:
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    Roy WA
    You can rewire the stock MAF harness for MAP, but stay away from '85 as it was a one-off year. Manifold/Runners/Plenum are ok, but the other stuff is different.

    There is at least one writeup over on on converting a MAF harness over to MAP, I wouldn't spend money on another harness if you have one available, and the chance to figure out how it actually ties together.

    You are better off pulling the system out of a vehicle equipped like yours: for example, you'd want a 5.7L/auto donor if thats what you are going to run. If you don't, things like injectors, ESC module, PROM, and the like will cut into your wallet.

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