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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by d coenen, Apr 13, 2006.

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    bonesteel s.d.
    anyone know any thing about tractor tire size i have access to 15, 16 ,16.5 rims and iam looking for tractor tires for them. id say anywhere from 35 in tall to 40 in tall. i have access to a couple of junkyards in my area that deal with tractors and all other implements. and live in an area with alot of farmers, but dont know what size of tire .anyone have any ideas? thanks
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    the only tractor tires ive seen it a 15" rim are the multi ribbed that are on the front of alot of tractors. one i know of off the top of my head is a JD 4020, the front tires are about 35" tall, but no tread, just like 6 or 7 ribs around the circumference.

    the skid steer tires are preaty aggressive and alot use a 16.5" wheel, but not sure of the diameter of them, probably 33-35"

    these are the only thing i can think of off the top of my head. everything else i can think of uses alot bigger wheel.

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    easy fix..............go to a local ag tire dealer tell them what you want and they will find it. Or go browsing on denam or goodyear firestone and look through those sizes.

    I have a 1948 cj2a that has tires from a trencher on it 29x12.5-15 mounted on standard 15x10 in wheels. The great thing is around here a 31 m/t cost 100 that is the cheapest, my tires cost 115:eek1: it was a no brainer.

    I can run with any ford or gm up to 35's before I get stuck. most of the time in 2wd I can go places that toyotas, other jeeps cant go in 4x4 (ones with 33's)

    go with an agtire you cant go wrong except on the street.
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    you've got options.

    All these tires are Goodyears.
    Sure Grip Lug
    -- 27 x 10.50 / 15
    skid steer tires 27 x 8.50 / 15
    30.4 x 10.4 / 16.5
    Wide, Flat Tread For Firm Ground Contact
    Directional design Excellent traction
    Wide, sturdy overlapping lugs Long wear

    Optitrac DT812 Radial

    -- 27 x 7.8 / 16
    V-tread tractor tires 29.2 x 9.6 / 16
    31.8 x 11.1 /16
    36.9 x 12.8 /16
    Next Generation For Improved Traction In Heavy Soils.
    Advanced lug design shape Outstanding mobility in wet and dry soils
    Increased sidewall flex-zone Improved damping
    Excellent flotation Minimum soil compaction

    Super Terra Grip 29 x 12.5 / 15
    V-tread tractor tires 31.5 x 15.5 / 15
    38.5 x 18.5 / 16.1
    Built For Extreme Floating Applications Deep shoulder lugs
    Excellent traction

    Traction Sure Grip (Traction) -- 28.8 x 7.4 / 15
    V-tread tires 29.6 x 7.8 / 15
    31.5 x 8.3 / 16
    33 x 12.5 / 15
    36.9 x 12.8 / 16
    44.6 x 18.5 / 16.1
    43.6 x 21.6 / 16.1
    Maximum Traction For All Farm Implements
    Aggressive ruler straight lug design Excellent traction
    Open tread center Self-cleaning action for increased traction maneuvering

    i'd take a look at what those 31s, 33s, and 36s cost. maybe try running them.
    here's a link to a post i made on another board about this.
    i'm OffRoad on that board as well.

    question: are tractor tires a lot heavier than comparable off road tires?

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