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    for those of you west coast or whereever area folks. just wanted to let you know that the "tin benders" group is raffiling a very built toyota truck off next april at the toyota jamboree. tickets are 5 bucks. the site is up and they take paypal. all the money goes towards opening back up paniment valley so hopefully we can all wheel there again, very good cause IMO. part of the festivities for that weekend, will be the actual build up of the truck. they will SAS and IFS toy, dual cases, sliders, bumpers, lockers...the works. they plan on doing it all in 2 days on the acutal dry lake bed at the hammers. spectartors are allowed to come by and throw things at them, lol. they will announce the winner in march, then the winner will have to show up sat in april and lead one of the trails that day in their new truck. pretty cool hugh!!!

    just thought i would let yall know. i have 20 tickets already. its a pretty good chance to give for a good cause and win a very capable trail rig..

    even if you live on the east coast, you could buy tickets and then if you win, you will know a month in advanced and then its totally worth buying a plane ticket and getting one of the tinbenders to take you out to the lake bed for a good time!!!

    more info here


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