Trailer tongue box with dual latches.

Discussion in 'Tow & Trailer' started by Mudbone, Dec 2, 2019 at 2:01 PM.

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    Has anyone ever seen a angle sided trailer tongue box with linked dual latches on the sides or at the far edges of the front? I am looking for something like this: with 2 linked front latches instead of one single latch in the center. I am looking for something like the largest size, PN 1701285. I want to mount my spare trailer tire in front of the storage box but of course don't want to block the latch.

    I did contact the manufacturer at the link above to see if they would make me a custom one off, but no luck. Too bad really, I have one of the smaller versions and the latch appears to have connections for linking them and their production is in the USA.

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