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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by basing110, Oct 15, 2006.

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    for those who have a th350 behind a 454 what did you do to the trans to keep it working behind the 454? ive got a shift kit in mine as was wondering in how far you go into building it? also i got a aluminum edelbrock intake manifold on the 454 when i swapped it in and my old mount for kick down cable from the cast iron manifold from the 350 is not lining up with anything to mount it .. so what did you guys do to make the kick down work?
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    light right foot!...

    I had two TH350's behind 454's with no issues--but I had a large cooler,a shift kit,and a light right foot!..I didn't do many burnouts,R-D's,or neutral drops--even a TH400 will fail if you beat on it enough! trucks had fairly low rear axle ratios too,that helped thake some strain off the tranny..

    You just have to remember a TH350 isn't quite as beefy as the TH400 for handling the higher torque of a big block (though GM DID use them factory in many BBC cars) long as you don't whale on it,it'll hold up ok..

    You can find adjustible throttle and detent cable brackets at most parts stores (Pep Boys and Auto Zone have them in the "Mr.Gasket" hot rod section,or a speed shop)..its worth the time and hassle to get both adjusted right..some claim having the detent cable disabled helps shorten a TH350's life..I cant say for sure,having run a few disconnected with no failures,but I like having things set up the way they belonged factory..:crazy:

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