Transmission / x-fer case help please.

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ellero, Jun 24, 2006.

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    Ok, so every time I take her out sahe comes home on a flatbed. Thanks again to the AAA driver that knows me by name. Anyway, I have a few problems that I hope to get good advice on.

    First, I keep snapping the front U-joint on the rear axle and cant run in FWD due to the rear yolk sliding out and it losing fluid. How do I fix this or can I?

    Second, with the 4 inch suspension lift, the fron driveline flexs under load due to it being too short. This I know needs to be replaced.

    Third, most all of the front diff oil has poured out the sides of the front axle. Did I break it, or are the seals just gone? How hard is that job?

    Fourth, Also on the last trip there was a loud snap and all the tranny fluid was lost. Turns out that the x-fer case is still attached to the tranny, but the tranny housing tore and I have a 1/4 gap about 3/4 around the tranny so the tranny case is done for sure. Needing a new tranny is a given here.

    Now I think this is a sign saying sell the truck or upgrade to 1 ton running gear. This is where I am looking for help. I am on a bit of a budget but I am tired on not being able to drive my rig home. If I do the 1 ton swap, what am I in for as I am not a mechanic.

    Does anyone know if the 1 ton x-fer case has the yolk on it or if it is in the rear driveline on the 1 tons. If it is on the driveline that solves problem # 1. If it does not, how do I fix problem # 1? Also is it a direct bolt on to the 84 K5 blazer?

    What transmission should I look into getting, and why would the outer casing tear in the first place? Is there a special trans / x-fer case combination that I should get because my x-fer case works, but it always slips out of 4H under load? Could it be ok, and just be a linkage issue? My 5.7 L is not modified at all but a more powerfull motor may be in the plans in a year or 2. I would like to have something stronger now so when I do the moter in the future, thats all I will need.

    Getting 1 ton axles are a givin as my K5 does see a bit of air from time to time. My hopes are that if I get 1 ton axles, drivelines, transmission and x-fer case that it all bolts together easy and is then bulletproof. It is a lot of $$$, so can I do it in stages or am I hosed. My rig has been down since new years and it sucks. Please help.


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