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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by bigbadchev84, Jun 2, 2006.

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    i am trying to sell a 78 ford f-150 that used to be my daily driver and now it has been sitting for about 6 months since i got my new tacoma, well a guy called me on it today and wants to look at it sunday, i went out and checked all the fluids and made sure it was gonna start, well all looks ok but i forgot about how bad it idles......really rough, its not a vacuum leak...well i have dumped 2 cans of starting fluid around everywhere i can possible think of and nothing, i took it down to the local shop and apparently the timing was way off, i timed it with a light, but the outer ring on the balancer slipped now it runs alot better and smoother than before, but it is still a little rough at low rpm, give it gas---about 1500rpm it smoothes out, let it idle with your foot on the brake and it in gear and it is rough, not like it wants to die but just shakey. what else can this be? should i just not worry about it? it does have a torquey cam in it but im not sure that is the cause... any suggestions?

    P.S this is really the ford elliot, the blazer runs worries

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