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    These are the plans for my truck. It will mainly be for desert fun and the truck pulls.
    79 chevy shortbox
    388 w/ speed density TPI
    t350 to 203 (debating 400 to 241)
    gm d60 front 4.88's detroit 3/4 ton disc brakes
    dodge d60 hd 4.88's spool 3/4 ton disc brakes
    56" progressive rate alcan springs front ( 7-8" total lift)
    ORD shackle flip w/ 3-4" lift 63" progressive rate alcan springs rear (7-8" total lift)
    1 -2" Bodylift (for additional clearance and to allow clocking of the 241 if I do the t400 to 241)
    8 point interior cage which will tie into a bed cage
    Fox or Bilstein race shocks front and possibly rear 14 -20" travel (dont know yet)
    37*14*16 IROKS
    16*10 aluminum rims

    Tell me what you guys think. Should it do the job. Still need front axle along with gears for both. Also still need shocks and springs.

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