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    I bought what was supposed to be a '76 GMC short bed pickup off eBay. It had an older (late50s/early 60s) shortbed on it and it looked "right". Problem became obvious when I was measuring to put a correct vintage bed on it. My K15, in reality is a Jimmy. It has a '76 cab and everything seems to fit OK in that area.

    Where it really gets nasty is that the plan was to put axles and springs out of an '83 K20 under it as part of building it up for use as a snowplow and tow rig.

    I don't have ready access to a similar year pickup to check frame dimensions. Can anyone tell me offhand how much, if any, the frame is "lighter" than a comparable pickup? The plan was to dismount the cab to replace the rear cabmount crossmember, knock the rivets out of the spring hangers and sandblast the rust which is forming between the plies. Overall the frame is VG to E condition with much original coating and very little rust, the stuff forming under the spring hangers is the only rust on the frame. My primary goal is to get this thing up and running with the 14SF and 10 bolt front. Once I determine the chassis will do what I want I plan to upgrade again to D60/14FF with posi rear and a selectable locker in the front and use this as a heavy push rig when things get REALLY nasty.

    I think it would be prudent to plate the frame full length to increase stiffness as this will end up grossing somewhere around 10K lbs when fully loaded. Because a standard pickup box won't fit I'll be building something custom similar to this.

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