Twin stick x 205, which one?

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by rockspider, Feb 18, 2005.

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    Hallo Stephen,

    I modified the rail on my 205 to have it twin shifting, and it would work well indeed, but my would-be homemade shifter is.. well.. horrible! And reeaaallly hard to shift!
    So I'd like to order your twin stick shifter for the 205.
    The reason I'm writing is because on your catalog there are two versions with long and short rail. This I don't understand. Please how can I tell if I have a long or short rail?
    I have a CUCV M 1028, diesel 6.2, TH400 to round pattern NP205.
    Please help me order the right one.

    By the way, thanks again for the crossover you sold me last year. Now I use the 6" lifted on 35" CUCV as my daily driver, and it's a pleasure to drive. The steering never felt this precise and stable, no matter the driving style or the terrain.
    Really a great product.

    Rockspider aka Alessandro from Italy
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    Carbondale Colorado
    Thanks for the atta boy, they're always welcome!

    Your 205 should have the long rail since it's a later model. What you're looking for is the length difference between the 2 rails. On the "long rail" version, the front output rail will be about 1" longer than the rear output rail. On the "short rail" version, the two rails will be the same length. You should check this when the 205 is in 4wd low range.

    Hope this helps

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