two good builder 454's for sale in CA

Discussion in 'General Parts for Sale' started by buckshot33, Aug 13, 2004.

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    two good builder 454\'s for sale in CA

    one is out of a mid 80's truck. complete, cast intake to pan. Ran when pulled out about 6 months ago. Block is .030 over but has very little wear. A good cleaning and reassemble with a good RV cam and lifters would get this thing back on the road and in good shape. Has small port heads but would be a good grunt motor. 2 bolt main. 500 bucks obo

    Second is a 73 Super Sport Impalla motor. Highest horsepower offered of any factory car of that year. 245. Has good 781 large oval port heads that flow great with a little port work or more than enough. I havent pulled the pan or the heads or intake off this motor but it ran when pulled but smoked a little. This motor would be a really good builder for a hi performance app. casting number on the block says it could be either a 2 or 4 bolt. Being an SS it would probably be a 4 bolt but cant guarentee. Engine is complete from intake to pan. 700 obo

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