Universal speedometer kit Anybody know of one?

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by foxman, May 19, 2005.

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    I'm looking for a kit to replace the old cable driven parts in my 88 K5. I got greedy and tried to switch out the guage face and snapped off the needle, and tried to fix it, now it jumps and is noisy and worthless. I figure it would be nice to get a kit that could be calibrated and be able to change the settings with gear ratios/tire sizes and the like...

    Anybody know of a system that I can go for? Looking to spend around 100 to never have to worry about the correct speed again.....

    Please let me know if you guys know of anything.

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    The noise and jumping around, sounds as if the cable is dirty/rusty/not properly installed or another myriad of problems.

    The factory is actually very easy to calibrate. Most times you just change the driven gear in the transmission. (easier than it sounds)

    This site will calibrate what you need. Most trucks have the 15 tooth drive gear.

    Sometimes you will have to buy a different sleeve to hold the driven gear. This is determined by the number of teeth on the gear. The dealer should know what you need, if you ask.

    I can take some pictures if needed.

    If you keep 5 or six driven gears around and the two sleeves that you will need the price is still under $100... Way under.
    Also you dash can still look stock. Clusters have to be pretty darned cheap at he wreckers if you need one.
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    Don't think it's going to happen for $100, sorry.

    Another thread right now about similar. You've got TBI, for electric speedo (my fix for cable drive speedo problems) you'd need something with an output for the ECM and the speedometer.


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