Update on "Don't Ever Buy From JET" (battle huh?)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by mudbog42, Nov 13, 2006.

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    Ok so they recieved my complaint from the Better Business Bureau and is what they replied along with my rebuttal back. I am going to call BS on their reply


    JET's Response:

    Initial Response - Posted *11-8-2006

    The carburetor that was returned to JET for a refund was found to have no defects in material or workmanship. It was obvious that the installer had no idea of how to properly set and and adjust an electronic control Quadrajet carburetor. The customer service department at JET did everything in thier power to help resolve the issue with this customer, but since the installer had no idea of what they were doing our service techs were unable to resolve the problem over the phone. Since the carburetor was NOT defective and the customer decided to return it , we charged a restocking fee according to our standard terms and policies.

    Initial Response Summary

    Carb was not defective,the install/adjustments were not performed correctly by the installer.As far as JET is concerned the issue is over and there will be no further response

    My Rebuttal

    I had two different shops try to adjust and get the carburetor to operate correctly and was unsuccessful. Since I have ordered a carb from another company and have not had one problem with the carburetor and/or any of the adjustments made on it. Also the quality of this carburetor was far superior to the one I recieved from JET. My original carburetor on the vehicle did not give me the problems I was recieving with the one from JET nor is the one I purchased and installed from the other company, which makes it apparent that the problem does not lie with the vehicle or the installer but within the carburetor itself
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    jet's office is a couple blocks from my work. they treated me better then right when I bought my carb there, but I did have a friend of a friend who worked there.

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