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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by bigjbear, May 18, 2004.

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    I seem to end up w/ everyone else’s cast-offs. Don't think I am complaining, it great. Well, at least it beats paying retail! Very little on my '73 was bought new by me and even most of that was used on something else first.

    Just for fun (this is on my '73, the '80 is in pieces):
    Tires, all are 35" BFGs: Of the 5 on the truck I bought the 2 on the rear new for the '80 (although one is a road hazard replacement), the 2 on the front I got used as part of a package deal, and the spare is now on its fourth truck (it was free).
    Rims, 4 15x10 & 1 15x8: I bought the 4 from another member for about 1/2 what they are new. The spare was free; it was on my dad's '85 and was replaced due to some cosmetic defect.
    Fenders, inner & outer: I got them both from a guy in my club. He ordered some new outers and they were damaged in shipping. Since they ship truck freight, the seller sent new ones but didn't want the damaged ones back. I bought them NIB (dented, but at least no rust) for 1/2 list price and didn't have to pay shipping. I also bought his original inners for cheep.
    Bikini top & soft doors: I bought these from a member when he parted his truck out.
    Tailgate: From an M1008.
    Rocklights: These were driving lights on my old truck.
    Wiper motor: Junkyard.
    Winch, Warn 8275-50: I got this almost new not long after the -50s first came out for less than 1/2 of the new price.
    Winch cable, 3/8" Amsteel Blue: used, from a different member, who also gave me a good deal on it.
    Lift, about 5" of mixed brands: I actually bought all 4 Skyjacker springs new (but they were on the '80 first), the blocks (from a coworker) and shackles (yet another member) were both used, though.
    CB: the first one was used (garage sale), but it crapped out and the wife bought me a new one.
    All the steel used to patch rusty body panels was old templates from my dad's shop.
    Spare axle shafts: I got the rears in trade for some work I did for a friend. The fronts came from a club member.
    Alternator: I bought this at a campground from a member who saved me from having to go to town & miss a day of wheeling.
    Tie rod: Got when a member went to heims.

    I know there is more that I can't think of, but you get the picture. It looks like when the '80 goes back together the only thing new will be the tires. The only real drawback is it takes forever for the parts you want to show up sometimes. Lets here some of your good buys. My latest was an XD9000 for $50 (but it was part of a package deal).
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    I've picked up a M1008 frame for free (only had 2K miles on it), picked up a set of 36" retread HMMV tires for hauling another set of tires then traded them for a set of decent 285/75R16's for my '79, traded a free Caddy 472 motor for a set of new 16x10 rims for my '79. Then I've picked up complete parts trucks for free keeping what I want, selling off the rest or trading stuff for other things I need... The line in my sig is truly a way of life /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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