verify this for me th400-203???

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by ramjet gmc, Oct 2, 2006.

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    I am looking for someone to verify this for me

    • To change the input of a 203 from 27 spine (th350) to 32 spine (th400) you only need to swap out the input shaft and bearing
    • The short 1.75 32 spine (th400) shaft and the factory adaptor plate is easy to find

    Just for the jury I am looking at replacing my 700r4 203ORD205 to th400 203ORD205 and want to save the mess of finding a good th400 203 to cut up
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    yes that what I did when I picked up my doubler from Ryanstrucking. He had a 700-203-205 and I had a 400-203 in my garage. instead of swapping the whole 203 rage box we just yanked the input shaft out of my 203 put it in the doubler 203 so ryan kept his 700 input shaft and I got to use my 400

    really easy, just account for ALL of the needle bearings when you pull it apart because you have to reused them. and make sure you have positive engagement of the 203 shifter before you walk away and call it good.

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