Video of the last day the 396 ran

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    Stepside Video
    This was the last day the 396 in the stepside ran. Mud was thick and deeper than the camera shows. First run was a bit too low geared... 4-low and 2nd gear hitting 6200RPM then backing off to 6 grand. But I was the 1st truck to make it that far though it still got stuck being locked front and rear. The other two runs were in 4-high and 2nd gear, after the pits were partially rutted out. After a few play passes after the races were over, the motor started knocking and I shut it down.

    Also, heres one a friend put together of one of the last weekends the Orange Blazer's 454 ran, before it started smoking real bad. Sucked a lot of water that day. Could be part of the reason.
    Orange Blazer

    And a short un-exciting clip of the Truck Blazer when it had a 396 in it."+playable:true

    And another of the Orange Blazer doing doughnuts."The+Orange+Blazer"+playable:true

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