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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by dyeager535, Mar 15, 2007.

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    I know some of you out there have dealt with the Vortec blocks.

    Picked one up recently, noticed that the mechanical fuel pump provisions on the outside of the block are still there. Didn't check to see if the bolt holes were tapped, but I can look up where the rod goes and see it's machined quite a ways in.

    I received this block through someone else, so I didn't get to see it being torn down, or REALLY know what it came from, or if it was the original motor, but it's got the plastic timing chain cover, crank sensor, and roller lifters, so I'm pretty certain it's a Vortec block.

    Looking up inside the fuel pump area of the block from the outside, it's shiny and clean, so I suspect it is just cast, minimally machined, then left like that if destined for a Vortec equipped truck. The surfaces where the fuel pump or fuel pump blockoff plate are normally located are rusty on the surface, like they've been exposed all their life.

    Anyways, just curious if anyone else has run across this setup before. Seems like a waste to machine the fuel pump rod hole (I can see the marks from drilling it out) but maybe they just did all the blocks the same for a certain vintage. I know some of the early EFI cars with small blocks had blockoff plates over the mechanical fuel pump location, so I know those were completed for either application.

    No suffix codes on the block either, it sure doesn't look like a crate motor with the crud built up in the lifter valley. Looks like a standard piston will still work though, no cylinder ridge and clean bores.

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