Wanna trade tires????

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    I have 4 super swampers SSR 37x12.5/16 They have approx 80% left on tires. They are mounted on 16x10 black d-window rims. All 4 wheels have very little rock rash. 1 of the four tires has a little rash when it got a hold of the fender. all for hold air. the rims are 8 lug fits Ford,Chevy,Dodge

    Trade for. 4 super swampers TSL or TSL SX 38 thru 42's need to fit 15 inch wheel I do not need wheels
    So basicly I want your tires for my tie/wheel combo.

    I prefere to trade but if cash is needed. I maybe able to come up with some.

    I would rather not ship could meet you with in reason. Or if the deal is right I may consider shipping

    let me know
    or PM me

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