want sm465/np205, have np205 w/700r4 adapter

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    Dec 30, 2004
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    all for a 1972 k5 cst i was replaceing the original th350 with a 700r4, and changed my mind. now i want strength to go with my 14b ff rear/10b big tube front. i have several bellcrank/z bar set ups. all i need is a good trade, or good deal on the sm465/np205. in addition to the np205/700r4 adapter, i also have to sell or trade a few good doors, a nice hood (one dent), and any and all original bolts, clips, shims, ground straps, 3 or 4 decent wire harness' and possibly a complete guage dash with a tach. FIRST GENERATION ONLY, i dont have anything newer than 1972. im in so cal. and shipping is a deal breaker. let me know?

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