Warn 8274 Winch

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    I purchased this winch from Ebay months ago and the Seller said the motor was rebuilt and new solenoids/wiring installed. I have since purchased a new solenoid cover, wire boots and endcap to finish off the rebuild. The gear unit was disassembled and cleaned and did not need replacement of parts, so officially the only rebuilt portion would be the electrical. It has the winch cable that probably needs replaced. It has the remote. No fairlead included.

    I hate to get rid of it, but my truck needs finishing and I am running out of play money.

    $650 plus shipping.

    I am located in MO 65202

    I have a crate, so no crating fee. Post up your zipcode and whether it is a residence or business ship to. I will take photos and post them up soon.

    I have this posted at Pirate as well, so be sure to post up so I can make sure who has dibs.

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