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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by stockk5, Feb 21, 2005.

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    Today my front right caliper got locked on and over heated, but didnt fully lock onto the rotor, i drove for about 15mins and then got out and noticed the burning coming from the caliper. So i buried the thing in snow to make it cool down and then call my bro to come with a new caliper and tools, so i replaced the caliper and drove straight home. My dad was saying the bearings grease is prob. fried up big time now cuz of the heat. So tommarow we were going to take the hubs apart and re-grease them. My truck has the warn manual hubs on it. i need an exploded diagram to how they go back together and come apart. So far i just took off the silver cap and saw a lock ring and other stuff, and i didnt go any further cuz i didnt want to get myself into a mess before i saw whats up with it. So anyone have a diagram?
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    There is 2 lockrings holding the locking hub in place. The locking hub comes out in 2 pieces. The silver cap peice you already took off, and the hub body behind the lock rings. There is the lock ring you can see on the end of the axleshaft. There is also another wire style lock ring that is on the very hard to see. Look at the very edge of the hub body along the inside wall of the wheel hub. There is a groove in the wheel hub that a lockring sits in. You must find the ends of the lockring in the groove and then get that lockring out. The easiest way to get that ring out is with a dental style pick or very small flat screwdrivers like eyeglass screwdrivers.

    Once the 2 lockrings are out you can pull the inner hub out. Screw 2 of the cover bolts in and pull on them.

    Then you are down to the wheel bearing locknuts. You need to get the special socket to get those off. It can be had at most local parts stores. Once the locknuts are out the wheelbearings and hub/rotor assembly will come off.


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