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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by RootBreaker, Mar 13, 2006.

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    Ok so saturday I wake up and get alot done.. was a beautiful day... garage cleaned (since I finished painting.. not 100% cleaned up as I have to put above garage door organizers up).... cleaned out the shed...
    was on dog pile patrole (1/2 wheelbarrel full!!!! great danes!!!SHEEEZ).... got grill all cleaned and working (nice charbroil commercial stainless), did some more stuff too...
    so I was thinking.. what to do next...well I pop the hood of my truck... and grab my air gun.....
    well lets see...
    front bumper - off
    grill and headlight covers - off
    radiator - out
    waterpump - off
    alternator - off
    power steering pump - off
    distributor - out
    holley truck avenger - off to ship to holley
    headers - unbolted
    intake - off
    heads - unbolted
    that was as far as I got since my wife got sick... there is something that was going around and she finally got it... vomiting, freezing (and it was hot out) and all.. so had to cleanup and go inside.... be a good hubbie....

    so sunday rolls around.... up and at the truck at 9am... and it just got done raining...
    heads - off
    harmonic ballencer - off
    timing chain cover - off
    timing chain - off
    cam - out

    so then the backwards progress (thought id drag this post out.... :haha: )
    comp cams xtreme 4x4 cam - in
    vortec heads - on
    rockers - adjusted
    vortec intake - on
    distributor - in
    headers - on
    water pump - on
    alternator - on

    so all in all..
    i have to put the power steering pump back on... I was given one as mine maybe bad.. but found out the brackets are different.. so gotta see if I can swap it...
    adjust the belts
    put radiator back in
    grill and bumper back on
    oil change
    then fire her up... see if the vortec stuff is all it is supposedly cracked up to be!!!!!! :bow:
    however will be a few weeks as I have to mail out my truck avenger today.... so they will take my 90670-1 and trade it for a new 90670-2!!!!!!! All I have to pay is shipping to them!!!!!
    I was going to take pics and joke saying... thieves.. woke up this morning and look what I found... and a pic of my motor all apart.. but sunday morning.. when I got started it was RAINING.. and I mean pouring!!!!
    so had to put up a tarp from garage door to truck and was frustrated and didnt feel like taking a pic....
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    Nice Work. Feels good to be productive, doesn't it.
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    West TN
    sounds good ! feels nice to get stuff done :waytogo:

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