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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by YELL78, Dec 28, 2005.

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    i have this weird problem with my 1/2 ton swb.
    i will start at te begining, i bought the truck about a year ago and started doing small stuff to make it better. one day a was looking at it from the sides and i noticed that the passenger side front tire sits about a 1/2 inch further back in the wheel well than the driver side so i started looking around and saw that the angle of the shackle was greater on the passenger side as well so i figured that the spring was worn out so i installed a 3inch lift and i thought i had fixed the problem it looked alot better but this weekend i put bigger tires on and now i noticed the problem is still there .
    i measuered form the zerk fitting on the lower balljoint to the body mount bolt under the cab and the measurement is different between the two sides so i dont think that the frame is bent because if it was tweeked the measurement would be the same. so do you think there could be a differance in the location fo the body mount or something? also the passenger side of the truck sits an inch lower than the driver side what do you all think of my situation should i just not worry about it or what.
    the truck itself is really nice and i dont want to just start all over with a different truck so any insight would be greatly appreciated
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    I'd get it on a flat surface. Get some chalk and a plumb line then start marking out on the ground. Drop a plumb from fixed referance points to the floor and mark the floor. Mark from chassis points and tire points, anywhere that you can get a plumb line dropped from and then measure your ground markings to see if they are symetrical and square. Then you'll know if it's a chassis, axle or hopefully, a bodywork problem.

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