Well, I *tried* to tow the k2500 home...

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Pookster, Sep 28, 2005.

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    I have some pics on my friend's camera phone.

    Instead of flat towing my k2500 home, another friend said, "hey, lets use your trailer". I tell him that I dont think thats a wise idea, as the truck is big, and long. (92 k2500 ext cab long bed). He says "it will fit based upon my calculations". I say, "Dude, its got the 6.2 in there and an NV4500. This sucker aint light. You sure you want to do this with my suburban?"

    he says, "sure no problem."

    Now... to kick myself in the ass, why did I listen?

    Get to my truck, load it on, nose first. Truck barely fits, has 2" to spare. The tongue weight is so heavy, that the hitch of the suburban is on the ground.

    Flip the truck around. Mind you, the 2" to spare was from the 16ft deck wheel to wheel. When reversed, the truck bed was too close to the truck. Couldnt turn the suburban without hitting the bed. The 65 psi trailer tires were bulging. This starts to seem like a bad idea.

    Realize that friend has AAA plus. Towed it to shop. End of problem.

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