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Discussion in 'The Garage' started by blazeonchevy, May 31, 2006.

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    alrighty.. so heres the deal. i have a k5 that i wanted to be finished( well good enough to drive around) a month ago. but then i got sick and a few other things came up so i havent worked on it much. so what can i do to make it more road worthy? here is what i have done so far
    -changed oil
    -changed oil in both diffs
    -complete brake job
    -new master cyl.
    -new draglink.. po hit a stump:eek1:
    -new steering stabilizer ^^ they tryed to pry the drag link off of the steering stabilizer
    -new sparkplugs. ( may need cap,wires..etc.)
    ( What i really want is something that will give me a little more power and hopefully some reliablity..i will rebuild the engine when it needs it but i want it to last for a while because i cant afford the parts to rebuild right now and now it does not even smoke. even at start up... oh yea and its a 350/350/203)
    I also saw somthing a while back about the shifter on the transfercase.. its a fulltime 203. and it only seems that its going into 4lo N and 4hi and i dont think it goes into the lock positions. i know that to drive on the street you shouldent drive it in locked but i cant tell what position its in.

    Any advice is VERY appreciated. thanks -sam-
    ps. .....I REALLY WANT TO TAKE IT TO THE COAST WHEN MY FAMILY GOES IN 3 WEEKS:o ....but im not sure i can....
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    I would change the trans fluid too, if you havent done that. I dont think one can ever change the trans fluid enough, I will forever be leary of autos. Even my th400 makes me nervous.

    As for the part time case, I think warn makes a little kit thats real easy to put together, comes with the part time hubs and makes your case a part time case. Not sure if it is warn because I have never done it.

    Cap/rotor and wires couldnt hurt either. Then just run it, not much else you can do...

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