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What rear driveshaft to look for

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by jamber2541, Jan 29, 2007.

  1. jamber2541

    jamber2541 1/2 ton status

    Apr 10, 2006
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    e.p. texas
    My old 10 bolt rear driveshaft with a crossover u-joint is on its last leg,
    what 1350 u bolt drive shaft should I be looking for in the bone yard.
    14bff with an NP241.
  2. mrk5

    mrk5 The Sticker Guy Moderator GMOTM Winner Author

    Apr 20, 2004
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    Northern Colorado
    Just a 14blt, could be either a FF or SF. 208 or 241, as long as it has the slip yoke. Heck, I think that even a 2wd would work.

    If you're interested I have a 1350 equipped shaft that was for the rear of a K5. I moved my axle back 4.5" so I can't use it now. PM me if you're interested because I have a couple of options we could discuss. :deal:

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